I have finally figured out how to use this. For months I couldn’t remember the password or login.
So much coming up, it’s hard to know where to start.
First! We leave in 9 days for a six week tour with Thee Ohsees. Half the tour will be done with them. We also meet up with The Box Elders and Dan Melchior on this trip. I’ll post dates later.
We have numerous 7″s in the works and some are available now.
Chicago’s Trouble in Mind label will be the first and is currently available through these guys… troubleinmindrecs@gmail.com. It’s two new tracks. “Laughter is Contagious” b/w “Horrible Door”.
Studio plans for November. It’s time for us to leave the Treehouse and see what it’s like in the rest of the world. We must leave our own sonic wilderness behind for a bit.


We’ll be doin’ it.

Here are the dates. Please come find us.

Thu 7/23/09     Harlow’s    Sacramento    CA w/Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Sat 7/25/09      Echoplex    Los Angeles    CA w/Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Sun 7/26/09     Belly Up Tavern    Solano Beach CA w/Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Tue 7/28/09     Rio Theater    Santa Cruz    CA w/Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

There’s also a heavy 6 week tour that includes Goner Fest, Montreal Fest, The Vice/Scion Garage Festival and Budget Rock in San Francisco. Here’s how it’s lookin’…

Mon 9/21/09   House Show    Provo    UT w/Thee Oh Sees
Tue 9/22/09    Larimer Lounge  Denver  CO w/Thee Oh Sees
Wed 9/23/09   Jack Pot Saloon    Lawrence  KS w/Thee Oh Sees
Thu 9/24/09     Goner Fest    Memphis    TN w/Thee Oh Sees
Sat 9/26/09      Uncle Fester’s    Bloomington IN w/Thee Oh Sees
Sun 9/27/09     Schubas Tavern    Chicago    IL w/Thee Oh Sees
Tue 9/29/09     Brass Rail    Ft Wayne    IN w/Thee Oh Sees
Wed 9/30/09   Magic Stick    Detroit    MI w/Thee Oh Sees
Thu 10/1/09     Wrong Bar    Toronto    ON w/Thee Oh Sees
Fri 10/2/09       Babylon    Ottawa ON w/Thee Oh Sees
Sat 10/3/09      Pop Montreal    Montreal    QC w/Thee Oh Sees and Golden Triangle
Mon 10/5/09   The Dark Lady    Providence    RI w/Thee Oh Sees
Tue 10/6/09     Great Scotts    Allston    MA w/Thee Oh Sees
Wed 10/7/09   Wesleyan    Middletown    CT w/Thee Oh Sees
Thu 10/8/09    Mercury Lounge   New York    NY w/Thee Oh Sees
Fri 10/9/09      The Bell House    Brooklyn    NY w/Thee Oh Sees and Golden Triangle
Sat 10/10/09   31st St. Pub   Pittsburgh    PA w/Box Elders
Sun 10/11/09  Hideout     Chicago    IL w/Box Elders
Mon 10/12/09 Brothers    Omaha    NE w/Box Elders
Tue 10/13/09   Bender’s     Denver  CO w/Box Elders
Sat 10/17/09    Scion/Vice Event    Portland  OR
Sun 10/18/09   Funhouse    Seattle  WA w/Dan Melchior und das menace
Tue 10/20/09    Stork Club  Oakland  CA w/Dan Melchior und das menace
Wed 10/21/09   Bar Pink Elephant  San Diego  CA w/Thee Oh Sees and Dan Melchior un das menace
Thu 10/22/09    Echo  Los Angeles  CA w/Thee Oh Sees and Dan Melchior un das menace
Sat 10/24/09    The Partisan  Merced  CA w/Dan Melchior un das menace
Sun 10/25/09    Budget Rock @ Bottom of the Hill  San Francisco  CA

Dusted Magazine April 14th. http://www.dustedmagazine.com/reviews/4936

Victim of Time April 5th. http://www.victimoftime.com/articles/breaking-sounds-fresh-onlys-iimaginary-friendsi-7-/

Sorry to anyone who tried to purchase the LP and it kept giving you EPs. I think it’s fixed. A bunch of tapes went out yesterday and a few 7″s. Please let me know via email. when your tape arrives or if you recieve something that was the wrong thing.


April 23rd at The Knockout  with Wounded Lion/The Anasazis
3223 mission Street, San Francisco, California 94110
Our record release party


Also May 23rd at Thee Parkside w/ Chain & The Gang/ Hive Dwellers